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Introducing GeoSync Z-Tools

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of this improved version of Z-Tools with over 2.8 million public LIDAR tiles indexed for quick download and processing. GeoSync Z-Tools is designed to generate CAD ready products, such as contours, from aerial LIDAR quickly and easily.

Through our extensive GIS experience we have released our 360 subscription for processing smart phone photos into shareable maps. 360 includes DeedRunner, a deed checking app with DXF export for quickly checking closure of deeds, plats, and easements.

Getting started with GeoSync Z-Tools is FREE - download and get started today!

1 Comment

I think this is a great opportunity for users to be able to use the free version before having to commit to a subscription. However, once they see the value that GeoSync Z-Tools offer, it is obvious that the cost of this software is a major value.

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